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Thursday, February 9, 2012

Welcome to Ask Chef Dave!

This started as a conversation with some of my friends on facebook, and turned into a blog...
Here are some of the comments from that conversation;

  • Clancy Pence Montgomery Awesome! I love quick, easy and unique food recipes. I especially love clean recipes with few ingredients. So sick of recipes with canned soup in them. Too much sodium, they all taste the same and they aren't healthy! Mixing pre-made items isn't considered homemade in my book! Simple~clean~fresh! Do it!
    Yesterday at 3:50pm ·  ·  1
  • David Garza Clancy Pence Montgomery, first canned soups are horribly high in fat and most of all sodium, but the thing you have to remember is that all things in a can are not all bad but the do go through pasteurization which involves high heat, which can destroy many of the foods original nutrients (i.e., Vit C) start with the food your mother or grandmother or family made you as a child, and find the comfort in home cooked meals. Then start small. I am so wasteful when I go to the store once a week and stock up, in other words I let things spoil or wilt. Start with the weekend meals of incorporating fresh non-processed food into your meals then tackle the weekdays. Find your food culture within your family and you will find home.
    Yesterday at 4:05pm ·  ·  2
  • Janet Smith Fried mash potatoes balls that are puffy, or are they baked?
    Yesterday at 4:38pm · 
  • David Garza ‎@Janet the puffy is all in the mash. Over mashing causes the starches in the potato to gum. Also depending on the crunch coating you want you may want to coat. I prefer light egg wash with penko (Japanese bread crumbs) coat. Light fry but you can bake as well, penko packs a crunch either way
    Yesterday at 4:46pm · 
  • Julie Espinosa Armando Espinosa asks: what is the perfect cheese table? And if you layer in combining the cheeses with charcuterie, how does your answer change?
    Yesterday at 5:27pm · 
  • Janet Smith Didn't use the egg wash. Will try, thanks!
    Yesterday at 5:37pm · 
  • David Garza Julie Espinosa A cheese table should always have a theme (taster, region, flavor profile, etc) I have always been very into the terroir (taste of the land or region) of regions when creating a cheese table. I like using the culture create the diversity of the plate. think cheeses from northern Ireland as opposed to England or Cheeses from Normandy as opposed to Champagne or all the wonderful regions of Spain from Manchego to Teta. Start with the cheese first and them add the charcuterie, let the wine dictate the pairing.
    Yesterday at 6:07pm · 
  • David Garza Janet Smith Having the potatoes cool a bit helps also using a 1 or 2 ounce scooper makes the work light
    Yesterday at 6:08pm · 
  • Gerilyn Trulove-Mellor ‎1. You could really turn this into a job... Start a website and charge a "member fee" I love that I know someone I can ask these questions to!
    Yesterday at 6:13pm · 
  • Gerilyn Trulove-Mellor ‎2. I buy canned tomatoes... is that bad? Should I just cut up and freeze tomatoes or does that high water content lead to bad tomatoes.. I'm afraid of canning tomatoes myself... I have had food poisoning from bad jarred tomatoes..
    Yesterday at 6:15pm · 
  • David Garza I actually love canned tomatoes actually better than fresh. Muir Glen is a great company to buy from and is easy to find they have some great organic and fire roasted options that I use for my salsas. if you are going to make a killer marinara anything from san marzano region is the best! Buying in can tomatoes usually is a better bet if tomatoes are not in season. perfect tomatoes out of season are usually GMO or flavorless, always buy in season. Freezing is an option if you vacuum seal them as tomatoes can easily by ruined by freezer burn or taking on a flavor of the smells of the icebox.
    Yesterday at 6:56pm · 
  • Jeanie Towne Gentry How do you make homemade caramel sauce??????
    21 hours ago · 
  • Amber Funk How do you carmalize Butternut Squash without any animal based product?
    9 hours ago · 
  • Mireille Nicole Gibbons I have little time for meal prep during the week. I’d like to be able to prep completely (or mostly) on the weekend for all meals for the following week. Do you know of healthy meals with fresh veggies & other ingredients that can be prepped days in advance? Or meals that require 15min (or less) prep.
    8 hours ago · 
  • Mireille Nicole Gibbons Or complete meals I can cook on the weekend that will freeze/reheat nicely later.
    8 hours ago · 
  • David Garza Jeanie Towne GentryCaramel sauce consistes of three things sugar, milk or cream, and butter. heat a thick bottomed pan and pour the sugar in and spread out it will liquify or melt and eventually brown. There is a fine line between perfect and burnt. also be careful melted sugar is a skin melter. make sure you agitate the melted sugar until it is the right color for you. Keep agitating and take off heat add salted butter careful as it will bubble followed by 1 (cream) to 4 ratio of cream let cool before serving. There are cheat recipes with cans of sweetened condensed milk, that you boil the cans unopened in water and when you opened the cooled can the milk has caramelized into dulce de leche, but I would not condone anyone boiling a sealed can.....kaboom!
    6 hours ago · 
  • David Garza Amber Funk Depending on what you call caramelizing. If you mean cooking it to color or do you mean actually candying the squash. you can do both with a canola oil which has a high smoke point and has very little flavor as to not inhibit the squash's natural flavor. Caramelizing occurs when the sugars that are already in the food begin to brown, this is done much easier when the squash is dry.
    5 hours ago · 
  • David Garza Mireille Nicole Gibbons Just by trying to cook at home, you have overcome a major hurdle. prepping can be simple and fun. you can start the week by setting up what we call in the business as Mis En Place or just "meez" as we like to say in the kitchen. This is a set up work place where all ingredients are chopped, ready for cooking and easily accessible. This is the secret of how those cooks throw together delicious meal in no time flat. make yourself a list a meals for the week and prep all the foods in little baggies or airtight containers for the week and place each meal together. So that when you get home all you have to do is cook the food which actually is not that long. less than 20 min in most cases. Keep your meals simple during the week and keep your culinary adventures for the weekends. Most meals can be made in 2 pans and are the staples even in professional kitchens. Make them your best friend. The first being a non stick skillet. Get a big heavy bottomed one, that you can easily pick up and move around. 75% of everything cooked in professional kitchen is made in this. stir fry, sauces, veg, even most meats. you can saute up a one pan meal during the week in a jiffy, if your "meez" is ready to go. The second one is a small deep sided pot, for pasta, soups and braising.

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