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Saturday, February 18, 2012

Local Support

I will be adding my review of local establishments that I think are noteworthy once a month. I feel that although I am an advocate of cooking more at home, I am also supportive of those individuals who strike out on their own and fulfill one of the American dreams, and that is owning your own business. It has become extremely difficult to compete against multi-million dollar companies with the advertisement budget to match. They also set their establishments next to ma&pa shops in lower rent mini-malls and strip malls that used to be the domain of the small business owner.
Small bistros and restaurants sharing family recipes and labor intensive foods cooked with heart and soul are becoming extinct, as well as their wonderful recipes. These restaurants not only provide a wonderful dining experience they provide a personal sense of customer service, they also provide foods that are less processed and cooked in manner that you can try and replicate in your own homes.
This month I will start with an establishment that is offering an item especially close to my heart...BBQ. When I say that, I do not mean grilled or covered in sauce. I am talking about smoked slow and low, with real wood smoke billowing from a real seasoned black pit, beckoning you, no commanding you, to enter and eat!
Allison's Texas BBQ recently opened up in Arizona at the end of 2011 and has been serving up some of the best Hill County Texas BBQ I have had outside of Texas. The brisket, Pork shoulders, chicken and Ribs are smoked slow and low right outside the back door on a custom smoker trailer that is carefully tended by the owner himself. The simplicity of the salt and pepper rub prior to smoking, lends to the confidence they have in the quality of meat they are serving. The ribs which were my favorite lived up to their motto "it's so good, you will want seconds, so you can lick your finger's twice!" No sauce needed! Although if sauce is what you desire there were a selection of three sauces on the table (sweet, sassy, and spicy), but you will have to try them for yourself, the smoke was good enough for me. The King Ranch Beans were good enough for my wife, who isn't really a fan of BBQ beans, to steal most of them from me, and the Nannie's Corn Souffle was so good, a crumb had yet to found on my plate.
Give them a try, I guarantee you will be back.
You can find them and their menu at:

Allison's Texas BBQ

6750 E. Main St Suite 101
Mesa, AZ 85205

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