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Sunday, February 19, 2012

A friend in food, is a friend indeed

Today is sunday, a day to warm your family with a home cooked meal. We all have a friend who may also be in need of some warmth of heart. Inviting a friend or family member over to share a home cooked meal can, not only build relationships, but is a way to make the meal special in many ways. When making meals at home we sometimes find ourselves becoming complacent in the menu items or presentation. Inviting company over has a way of kicking our creativity in gear. We are more likely to search after a new recipe and show off our cooking prowess.
Another idea is partaking in an age old potluck. Invite another family over or a group of friends and ask them to bring their "family special" or an old family recipe. Maybe ask your guests to try and prepare an item they have never made or eaten before. This provides a wonderful opportunity to share your family's food culture or to create new ones. You never know when you might find a recipe that stays in your family for generations.
Make each recipe yours by changing an ingredient or create a different way of preparing it, instead of frying the item, grill it, or instead of sugar using honey. Try changing the protein item from chicken to salmon or pork. Try to make a vegetarian option. The possibilities are endless. The most important thing is to have fun making and sharing a little piece of who you are and sharing it.

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