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Sunday, February 12, 2012

Family Sunday

Sunday in many cultures is a day of rest and spending time with family. It is a time to gather around the dinner table and share a meal. A meal that has been cooked in a way indicative of the sentiment of Sunday. This sentiment is slow and relaxed, bubbling warm and long, with heart, soul and love. It is a time to share and eat a little comfort.
Think of some of the wonderful dishes you grew up with in your home. These traditions are your food culture, they are the soul of the kitchen, the memories that warm your hearts and bellies. Continue these traditions and cultures by cooking a meal with heart and soul today.


  1. Very good point! Although my parents and grandparents weren't the best of cooks, I still think back fondly to the dishes they made and wish I knew how to replicate them. My mom's chicken and rice definitely comes to mind as something that gave me comfort and a sense of family.

  2. Dave, This is so awesome, I want you to teach me how to cook Refried Beans and a good spanish rice....
    As well aasy chili concarne...Thanks