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Thursday, February 23, 2012

Morning Glory

One of the meals that gets the worst overlook in our diets is breakfast. We all have heard that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and yet we still seem to gloss over this advice and choose poor foods, if we choose to eat at all.
The idea of the pastoral breakfast of fresh squeezed OJ, eggs, warm biscuits, pancakes, Bacon (yes I capitalize it, because it is worthy), seems like such a far fetched idea or one reserved for a lazy weekend.
We grab a hot drink or energy drink and a doughnut, hit a fast food drive through, or see what is in the vending machine. **shivers** and think that something is better than nothing.
Breakfast does exactly as it says it does it breaks the fast we have been partaking in during the eight or less hours of sleep. Our body is needing nutrition, and we go from a prone position to the frantic morning rush without feeding ourselves or feeding it junk. This is a recipe for disaster that causes havoc in our bodies.
We can prevent this with a few simple preparation ideas forgiving ourselves that kick start that we need in the morning.
One of the simplest ways to do this is the age old breakfast in a bowl, and that is cereal. Cereal hot or cold can be our worst enemy or our best friend when it comes to a morning meal.
As a kid, I would wake up to a plethora of brightly colored, flashy cartoon embossed boxes of sugar, screaming of prizes that waited inside or telling me of the coolest movie or toy on the back. What I mean to say is I was breakfast cereal fan, no addict.
Little did I know that these boxes were more sugar than anything else, and by the time I was in school for a couple of hours I was wanting to sleep.
Cereal should be processed as least as possible, just like the rest of your food. Look at the side of the box and if there are more things in it you don't know than are recognized as food, you might want to make a better choice. Simple rule of thumb is if you look at your food and you can see what is made of, you are probably making some good choices.
Granola, organic cereals or oatmeal are good choices. Add some fruit or raw honey to sweeten.
The next thing you can do is to choose a really good unprocessed bread and make yourself some toast instead of reaching for a doughnut or pastry. Spread some natural fruit preserve or REAL butter. I know that butter is high in fat and cholesterol but if the alternative is margarine I would rather have it dry. Margarine has been proven to be worse for you with all the hydrogenated junk and fillers that make it try and taste creamy and buttery. Just use the real stuff, you will thank me later.
Another option is just make yourself a smoothie. Cut all the fruit and ingredients the night before and put this and yogurt or vegetables in a bag all together the night before. Pull out the blender and set it out on the counter. Make everything as easy as possible so that in the midst of the morning rush, all you have to do is dump the bag in the blender and push the button
Some more ideas are making your own granola or granola bars in advance. Chop of some veggies and whisk some eggs and place in a bowl and cover with plastic wrap the night before so that you can just dump in a skillet and cook in the morning cutting down on your time and stress.
Making the morning as simple as possible through a little preparation will help you make better choices in the morning  by getting your day and metabolism a kick start with real food.
If you need any more ideas, information or recipes, let me know in the comments. Ask away!


  1. Some great points made here, Dave. I am NOT a morning person - always in a rush, and I tend to skip breakfast or do all the bad breakfast ideas you mention. I know it would help me feel better, and lose weight, if I'd make the time to have a better breakfast each day. Thanks for the ideas!

  2. You would be surprised how much of a difference having breakfast can make in making your day better!