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Thursday, February 16, 2012


When I lived in Mexico and Central America, one of my favorite refreshments on a hot day was not soda or bottled water, it was aguas de fruta or liquados. This translates to "waters of fruit" or smoothies. The abundance of fresh fruit and staggering number of different types straight from the tropical jungle was such an eye opener that we are not exposed to here in the states. We are also not exposed to the different tastes of these fruits and their many combos of flavor or freshness. Sure we have smoothie places with the same 3 or four types of frozen fruits mixed with some sherbet or a scoop of energy, weight loss powder of unknown origin. Don't hear me wrong these are WAY better for you than a diet soda or an energy drink in a can.
The wonderful creations you can make at home for you and your family with fresh fruit and a blender in the comfort in your home may amaze you.
The recipe is as simple as cutting fresh seasonal fruit into cubes placing water to cover and creating a puree.
Add this water until you get the consistency of a light juice.
You can add different combos of fruit or squeeze citrus juice like lemon or lime to the mix which are favorites in Latin America, they even go as far as adding a stick of cinnamon or a mix of salt and chili powder to the rim of the glass.
Some of my favorites are watermelon mixed with a touch of lime juice, or cantaloupe water.
Try mango with strawberries, or papaya with a touch of salt and chili powder. The options are endless.
Start simple with making your own lemonade and add some mashed strawberries or a limonade with raspberries,
You will end up having a great time thinking of the possibilities and you will be getting all the wonderful health benefits of fresh raw fruit. These drinks are also a wonderful spin while entertaining friends.
Have a great day and remember to buy seasonal, buy local, and try something new!


  1. Great ideas! Now I'm thirsty! =) I love when Bella wants you to make her strawberry lemonade instead of asking for a Capri-Sun. Such a better choice for her to be drinking.

  2. Best way to a kids heart is to make them something special!