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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Well Planned Wednesday

A lot of times, I run out of ingredients or feel like some other meal that I had ready to cook, and it seems to always fall right in the middle of the week. I am not a creature of habit, I actually thrive on variety, so even best laid plans for the week's menu fall a little flat for my taste du jour.
Sometimes as we head we think I only need a few things at the store and leave without a list, and you find yourself acting a little like a kid in a candy store, wandering aimlessly, wondering what you came to the store for. There are two outcomes of this, you either have a cart full of junk you never intended on buying or you make very little purchases, and when you forget you what you needed to begin with, you end up kicking yourself when you get home and try and prepare something, both outcomes usually ending in disappointment.
Here are some things you can do, to save yourself some time, money and frustrations;
1) KNOW YOUR PANTRY. We will never what we need, if you do not know what we have.
2) KNOW WHAT YOUR NEED FOR EACH MEAL YOU ARE PURCHASING FOR. Check your recipe and compare what you have and what you need and write it down.
3) MAKE A SHOPPING LIST AND BRING IT WITH YOU TO THE STORE.  This will prevent multiple trips to the store or incomplete meals. It also prevents you from making impulse purchases, which are usually not good for you or are not real food.

Once you have made your list add a little check next to thing you could buy organic or would like to try and buy at a local farmers market next time. Think also about some of the things that you could substitute with a new ingredient like lamb instead of beef or broccoli rabe instead of green beans.

Don't let the mid-week madness leave wondering lost in impulsiveness, your wallet waistline and world will thank you.
Don't for get to ask those questions about food prep, real food, food culture, and what you can do to help the slow food movement!

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