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Thursday, March 29, 2012

Sana sana

Today my girls and I are sick we have a stomach flu virus or something going on and also my girls have a cough and fever. Many of us rely so much on the medicines over-the-counter drugs and other thing, we forget that her body is able to heal itself most of the time It can heal itself most of the time. I am not against medicine and all its forms as matter of fact I am a biology major. But I do feel sometimes that we rely too much on all the over-the-counter products and not dealing with the issues of our body but rather just hiding them or masking them through these products that we think is actually feeling us but on the contrary it simply doesn't allow her body to react the way it naturally would react during its fight against a sickness or u malady that it is trying to heal. We must give our body the best chances of healing itself by giving it the weapons that it needs, we need to give it the building blocks to be able to be strong to fight off sickness and rebuild itself. The building blocks it needs is food, good food, healthy food, food that can feed our bodies in war against illness. The healthier our bodies are, the better it is able to fend off sickness, not just heal it.
We are learning more and more diet matters in the health of our body and also our immune system. We are also learning that certain components are more helpful in combating sickness than ever before. Doctors the eastern societies have known this for thousands of years, but we in western medicine are just hopping on board. After having a pill for every ill, it seems that sometimes it does more harm than good.
In today's world we are finding out through science that some of the things that have always been an old timey cure such as chicken noodle soup have incredible healing properties. We are also learning that the quality of the food that we eat matters in those healing properties. So today I would like to go over chicken noodle soup and it's simple recipe. When are the best things that we can do while cooking is keep food in its most natural form, in it's most unprocessed form. The less we mess with food the better it is for us. Keep recipe simple, let the quality of the products you were using speak for themselves.
When making my chicken noodle soup I use very little products and the end result ends up tasting great all because of the quality of products that I'm using.
When buying chicken which is an expensive meat, buy the best you can find. Try and buy free range organic chicken on the bone and whole. Learn how to quarter a chicken, so that it is more suitable to eat. Chicken in this form is usually less processed,and less expensive to purchase. Natural components of chicken such as skin and bones provide enormous amounts of flavor to the food that you are making. Keep them and take them out once the soup is cooked, if you prefer eating without them.
When making my soup I only use onion, garlic, carrots, and celery. Remember to buy fresh, organic and locally grown vegetables. The flavor profile of smaller batch grown vegetables usually organic and locally grown are more intense in comparison to the larger farms. Locally grown produce will always be fresher.
Add good water to cover and add salt and pepper to taste. You may also add spices such as, poultry seasoning, cumin, and dried parsley or oregano, depending on your taste.
Boil low and slow, simmering until chicken is fork tender and pull chicken from broth. This is the time to debone and skin the chicken. Pull chicken into bite size pieces and return to pot. I like to add ribbon egg noodles in the last ten minutes or until pasta is tender. You may also try rice as an option. For those who prefer a veggie option, eliminate the chicken and add more vegetables.
As we heal ourselves in our home we hope that you may be able to find health in your home through quality foods.
Sorry if the writing is disjointed and unabashedly unedited, as I write from a fever induced semi-coma on my phone from bed. As the old spanish rhyme says "sana sana, cola de rana. No sanas hoy, sanas maƱana"
Keep it real, Keep it fresh, Keep it sustainable!

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