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Thursday, March 15, 2012

Let the good times roll

I am an advocate of buying locally, except when you live in the dessert and you want to make the fruits of the sea. It is very difficult to find good seafood here in Arizona for those who don't have restaurant food purchasers and accounts.  Never the less, we can make some choices here and elsewhere in the world by supporting traditional markets and ports that are in danger of collapse.
We all remember the debacle of Hurricane Katrina, caused not only by Mother Nature, but also from that F-word or acronym, that starts with federal and ends with agency. But that is a whole other rant, for another day.
One of the richest deltas and seafood, and rice production areas and markets was almost completely destroyed almost overnight, the two hubs of Mobile, Alabama and New Orleans, Louisiana. Hundreds maybe thousands of fishermen put out of business, with the destruction of not only their boats and their equipment, but also their catch. The natural environments and ecosystems changed and destroyed, by land shift and erosion, but also by the oil spill to come a little later. But just as we expected Mother Nature begins to rebuild, and so do the fishermen who pull her bounty from the sea, swamps and rivers. These resilient men and woman are rebuilding these wonderful areas of market with a fire in their heart and soul indicative of the magical places they live in. The land of creole, Mardi Gras, birthplace of Jazz. A land worth fighting for, brick by wind and water swept brick The food from these areas strums my heartstrings and plays a chorus in my mouth dripping with the spice of life. We, as eaters, and consumers, and purchasers, and cooks, and lovers of real, fresh, and wholesome foods and life can help with the rebuild, by making the choice to source your seafood from these areas. We can help by making simple choices like buying, cooking, and eating more of their products.
when I think of etouffe and gumbo I think of shrimp, when I think of grits I think of shrimp, some of my favorite tacos  are made with shrimp. What would a low country boil be without crabs and crayfish, and shrimp and andouille sausage. The oysters that come in a fried Po Boy sandwich are some of the most luscious you can eat!
The seafood, fin fish, rice and foodstuffs from this area have a richer, more earthy flavor than most you have tried due to being slowly matured in nutrient rich waters of the delta and gulf. This provides for flavorful finished product, and that is before you dive into some of the best creole, southern comfort recipes originated in these areas. Try some gator meat or choose redfish instead of bass or make a shrimp salad instead of tuna, when going out to dinner, you can help rebuild  this once glorious seafood honeypot.
Even if you choose not to eat meat, choose one of the many varieties of rice from this area or even buying simple things like Tabasco, or Louisiana Red Dot hot sauces. We can help, by the choices that we make and for more info go to or

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  1. Can't forget about the TRYME brand sauces and Lousiana Gold Hot sauce!
    If you need any help making something or have a question, Feel free to ask!