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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Been awhile...

It is been a while since my last blog. I've been quite busy preparing to start a business. I'm starting a food truck. In my endeavors in starting this food truck, and looking for food distributors, I have found difficulties in finding good honest food. I find that finding food wholesale almost always requires a large processed food manufacturer. I am also finding that farms and businesses who support organic whole and honest food are struggling in today's economy. Many of these food distribution our farms and have had to fall into non organics, pesticides, and GMO seeds to supply their products due to cost and availability. With large multinational companies forcing these farmers to use their products due to trademarks and hybrids, it is almost impossible for these farmers to not continue using GMO seeds due to feral cross pollination.
I am implore you, if you find a farmer or a business, or food distributor that supplies organic whole and healthy food, please support them. Also realize when you go to farmers markets, you have more control over what is being sold, because the law of supply and demand directly affects what farmers will provide. I had the pleasure to visit a farm with my family, this weekend. The farms name was superstition Farms. It is located here in Mesa Arizona. During my visit to a farmers market, they had available on Thursday's I learned much about this farm. They not only provide a location for local vendors to sell their wares and foods, they also have a food truck and their own creamery on-site. The best thing about this trip to superstition Farms was, the unbelievably welcoming feeling I got. The workers and owners of the farm or not only there to provide a place for this market but to educate those came. The open up their farm to educate and teach families the value of the need for farms, the importance of knowing where and who your food comes from, but also to taste what real food is. As my girls walked around, pink cheeked from the heat, it was great to see my girls faces light up when someone brought them a little chick to experience first hand, and to pet a calf and horse, and to walk with a rooster in the garden made their day, the vanilla honey ice cream cooled them down enough to romp on a hay bale. All I can say is thanks.
If you would like to know more about the farm you can look them up at and come out on Thursdays from 4:30-7:30PM perfect times to grab dinner at the food truck or to buy and support some local vendors with honest ingredients to make at home. And as always...

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